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Poultry Stock Description and Inventory 11-3-07

Raising Chickens is Fun!!! Find or Embellish in your own Hobby, it's contagious, and it could be a start of a more Peaceful World!!!

Here is some information that I put together regarding my "Happy Hens Poultry Farm" Cheers!!! Gary G. Schempp '-)))


All Chicks were hatched May 12th 2007 and purchased as day old chicks from I have Pullorum Certificates showing all vaccinations including Marek’s. I started and maintained all chicks on Gro-Gel Plus (which was added to crumbles days 1) / Quick Chick (vitamins and electrolytes) was added to water daily / and Purina Brand Start & Grow Crumbles medicated with Amprolium was made constantly available. At 4.5 months some hens started laying eggs. At that time the feed was switched to Blue Seal Layer Pellets. Vitamins and electrolytes are still added to the water and scratch grain is given sporadically as a treat. Free ranging is limited to a short time before dusk, and in my presence, due to predators. I am currently receiving about 8-10 eggs per day of various sizes, shapes, colors and shades. No parasites have been noticed. Entire flock appears colorful, energetic and healthy. Pen size is 24 x 24 feet or 576 sq. feet. Chicken coup is 5 x 8 with top roosting and a 15 section egg laying nest. Current flock = 12 roosters and 27 hens for 39 total out of 45 original.

Hens /Bantams ------------------------> Egg Size / Color
1H Buff Brahma ------------------------> Small / Brown
2H Red Pyle Games ------------------------> Small / Brown
1H Silver Penciled Rock ------------------------> Small / Brown

Hens / Full Size Breeds
2H Araucana ------------------------> Medium / Turquoise
2H Blue Andalusians ------------------------> Medium / White
2H Delaware ------------------------> Medium / Brown
2H Egyptian Fayoumis ------------------------> Small / Tinted
2H New Hampshire Reds ------------------------> Medium / Brown
2H White Cochins ------------------------> Medium / Brown
1H White Orphington ------------------------> Medium / Brown

Roosters / Bantams ------------------------>
1R Golden Seabright ------------------------> Would be small / white but no hen
1R Silver Seabright ------------------------> Would be small / white but no hen

Roosters / Full Size Breeds
1R Golden Polish ------------------------> Would be small / white but no hen
1R Silver Polish ------------------------> Would be small / white but no hen

Breeding Pairs / Bantams ------------------------->
1 pair of Partridge Wyandottes ----------------------------> Small / Brown
1 pair of Araucana Bantams ----------------------------> Small / Turquoise
1 pair of Blue Cochins and 1 extra hen ---------------> Small / Brown

Breeding Pairs / Full Size Breeds
2 pairs of Lakenvelders ---------------------------> Medium / White
1 pair of Phoenix ---------------------------> Small / White
1 pair of Redcaps ---------------------------> Small / Tinted
1 pair of Silver Gray Dorkings and 1 extra hen -------> Medium / White