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Friday, January 23, 2004
6:35 PM


Dungannin Journal

Wed 22/2/84 Milked. Dipped herd, dry cows, house paddock calves, poddy calves. Milked. Dinner with Phil & Ray. Left at 7:30 pm. Stopped at Inglewood. Ally slept in the ute, I slept on the road under the garage awning at a servo.

Thurs 23/2/84 Got stopped by floods just before Goondiwindi. Drove back to Warwick and then down the New England Highway. Bent a rim just before Gunnedah. Punctured the spare 10 minutes down the road. Spent the night in a motel in Gunnedah. Spare tyre repair – tube and labour - $13.80

Fri 24/2/84 Drove home. Arrived at 10:45 pm. Slept at 5 Wyles Place, Flynn.

Sat 25/2/84 Drove to Braidwood. Met Vince & Rita McGinty.

Sun 26/2/84 Went to Church in Canberra – Russell Warnken’s induction. Slept at Ally’s folks at Queanbeyan.

Mon 27/2/84 Got chainsaw sharpened $5.80 Chainsaw oil $8 Bought 15 litres of chainsaw fuel. 2 chainsaw files $3.80 Got spray pack for Nions. Drove home to Dungannin – beauty!

Tues 28/2/84 Got up at 9:30 am. Had morning tea talking with Vince & Rita. Chipped thistles. Burnt some thistles and rubbish. Welded Jed’s chain up. Finished welding dog cage up. Welded chain link onto towbar. Went up to see Vince. Organised work for Wednesday.

Wed 29/2/84 Got up at 8:30 am. Helped Vince shear 7 sheep. 2 fly struck badly. KFM’s ed them. Moved lambs into sheep yard paddock. Put 395 ewes into creek paddock. Cut the horns on three rams. Joined rams to ewes. Lunch at Vince’s. Cut stump for cutting up killers. Cleaned stump. Made two gambles. Killed 3 wethers.

Thur 1/3/84 Got up at 6:30 am. Cut 3 killers up – 2 hours. Fed scraps to dogs. Pushed lambs out onto top paddock. Ken & Debbie Woolley & Naomi came out.

Fri 2/3/84 Put strainer and stay in and tied ring lock and wires up again. Re Swung gate. NB Oil auger bits and gudgeons to make them screw in more easily. Alley went shopping. Rang Darrobee Kelpie Stud – they will exchange Jed. Cut thistles.

Sat 3/3/84 Cut thistles. Stuffed chainsaw. Went home. Went to Shamea. Stayed at Flynn.

Mon 5/3/84 Drove to Blayney to look at Kelpie bitch. No good. Got chainsaw nut from McCulloch shop at Goulburn. Fixed chainsaw. Burred edge on running teeth on inside of saw chain in 2 places, could need to be filed down.

Tues 6/3/84 Went to Jim Fenech’s to look at 100 broken mouth merino ewes. Had a look at the sheep handler machine. Used Bossy to hunt lambs into yard paddock and restrained him while moving ewes and rams into top paddock.
Wed 7/3/84 Went to Goulburn sale yards and bought 2 pens of 8 tooth and some younger merinos (110 in all). 77 @ %15.40 and 35 @ $18.40 Freight home @ $1.19 per kilometre. One died on the way home. Bad headache.

Thurs 8/3/84 Sorted out two mobs – 79 and 30 with red raddle. 30 – white ear tag on left ear and tipped right ear with club ˝ way down on right ear from tip. Drenched with Symantic. Joined to Border Leicester ram. Should lamb around 26 July. Small around 2/7/84 to Dorset rams. Drenched lambs. Shore dead ewe. Took ewes to Dungannin and lambs to back paddock. Made tin holder for stock block and put block out. Put netting fence up around where vegie garden will be and swung gate.

Fri 9/3/84 Moved sheep to bottom paddock. Cut thistles. Put 2nd stock block out into creek paddock. Cleaned rubbish out of spring.

Sat 10/3/84 Went to Canberra. BBQ at Rosemaries and Bible Study at Raelene’s.

Tues 13/3/84 Got up at 12:30. Went o Vince’s and yarned about dogs. Took Bossy up to Vince’s. Walloped Bossy for disobedience. Improving though. Cut and sewed two strips to stop gap repair boots. Welded links onto ute tray steel and cut 8 link chain lengths off chains and fitted to links. Put new clips on end of dog chains. Moved goats.

Wed 14/3/84 Helped Vince move gear from Dungannin to Barralong. Cleaned up Barralong workshop. Used Jed to move 3 sheep into yard paddock. Made nail catch for ute tray dog holder.

Thurs 15/3/84 Training Bossy to come behind.

Fri 16/3/84 Helped Vince and Peter Bowie draft fat steers off and muster them. Helped Vince swing gate at Barralong yards. Welded bolt by making a long one out of two short ones. Welded up improvised bottom gudgeon pin to swing gate off. Used Bossy to muster creek paddock and checked ewe with sore leg. Not footrot.

Sat 17/3/84 Went to “Collingwood”, Gunning for interview.

Tue 20/3/84 Moved goats to yard paddock.

Wed 21/3/84 Bought 2 chicken coops at Queanbeyan. 1 44 gallon drum. And some timber.

Thur 22/3/84 26 mm rain overnight. Put roo bar on ute.

Fri 23/3/84 98 mm rain before 1:00 pm

Sat 24/3/84 Creek going down. 6 mm rain. Missed out on Gunning job.

Sun 25/3/84 Folks came out 16 mm rain.

Mon 26/3/84 Caught flyblown sheep with Vince and KFM’ed em. Moved mob to paddock with better feed. Cleaned grass off creek flood curtain. Cut thistles and stacked in sheep yards. Made frame and put tin on it and burnt thistles. Assembled knapsack pump. Shot red bellied black snake.

Tues 27/3/84 Told Paul Shoemark that peter Bowie would take $20 for his lambs.

Thur 29/3/84 Killed grey cockerel and 2 old hens and plucked and gutted them. Repaired creek flood curtain.

Thur 5/4/84 Helped Vince move ewes and rams out to Barralong yards. Pulled rams out. 2 flyblown. Looked unsuccessfully for Jed. Got a post off Vince. Swung gate after a lot of problems with it. Put post in on other side of gate and put chain and latch on. Braced gate post with diagonal steel and wire tie. Cleared tussock grass from fence line.

Fri 6/4/84 John savage came out from Canberra. Put extension room on the back of the house. Treated flyblown ewes. Mowed lawn outside Vince’s place and boss’s house.

Sat 7/4/84 Drove to “Hollywood” for interview.

Tues 10/4/84 Drove to Darrobee and swapped Jed for Nellie. Black and tan Kelpie bitch (valued $400) Wormed her with puppy syrup. Make D for Nellies collar and cut a strip of leather and pop riveted it to the collar holding the D in place.

Wed 11/4/84 Put a stop in Barralong race gate. Took Dungannin ewes to Barralong with Brandy. Used Bossy to Yard them and drench them. Bossy is starting to back sheep now.

Thur 12/4/84 Checked ewes for flies. One badly struck. Bossy didn’t work too well today.

Tue 17/4/84 Worked on Ducati. Visited Papa at tracking station.

Wed 18/4/84 Helped Pat Young (truckie) unload 399 lambs at Jim Fenech’s place. Checked Barralong ewes for flies. 9 blown.

Mon 23/4/84 Drenched 493 ewes, lambs and rams with 10 cc Ranide and Valbazen. Jetted them with fire pump. Pulled two mobs out of top paddocks.

Fri 4/5/84 Moved to Hollywood.