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3.5.13-how the world wide web opened mine eyes


*****If you are some lonely man/woman looking to jerk off at some photos...get the fuck off this page. This ain't craigslist nor the spice channel, asshole.*****


sometimes, no matter how much you resist, you must realize the world is not full of lollipops and powdered donuts.
who knew that pix intended for just my hair sites would go viral.
yup, sometimes your intended audience becomes an unwanted audience.
that being said, you gotta live, so just so those visiting don't feel too "entitled" :


*****If you are some lonely man/woman looking to jerk off at some photos...get the fuck off this page. This ain't craigslist nor the spice channel, asshole.*****


****This fotki is intended for sharing of hair mores with my forum members at:


*****If you are some lonely man/woman looking to jerk off at some photos...get the fuck off this page. This ain't craigslist nor the spice channel, asshole.*****

3.8.13 - 'loves the sound of her own voice/the wit in her own words

the observations of a hair fanatic since 1992...

my sister said something years ago that makes sense today.

my hubby says stuff every moment that belongs copyrighted and patented.

so, here we go:

as copied from, because as said, I am impressed by my OWN wit, cunning and all around adorability... LOL [thanks, mom]

if you are still reading after that egotistical intro, then welcome to the world of hair and musings by browncoily...

First up:

the product junkie trap: [copied from my reply]

just to assist in your product junkie anxities :-)

these product companies really have their fingers on the pulse of we curlies...

From L'oreal to Creme of Nature, have you looked in walmart lately?

There are so many choices. and what is up with this organix company?

Why in the world do they have sooooo many options?

Thankfully, kudos to all the posters and teachers ***[on hair sites for we women and our hair dramas]***, reading ingredients helps to dissect much of the product junkie addictive behaviours, LOL...

Once you get the ingredients down will notice the only thing that is different is the packaging and the amount of money available for cool advertisements.

That being said, remember these four rules and you will be fine:

*1 Never give companies too much credit [they are trying to make money not give you holy grail hair]

*2 A good ad will have you thinking cat poo is full of a rich mineral used by egyptians for centuries resulting in silky soft hair [egyptians worshipped cats - get it; you are supposed to be dumbed down further, and forget that egyptians wore WIGS...]

*3 don't create what's not there. You have split ends, your roots are frazzled from overdoing EVERYTHING. you have seen product x advertised, it says it does ___, promotes ____, and will make you hair like new after ____.

But wait- did you see the mandatory blurb that big government makes them put in small writing in the print ads and the tv-commercials?

"____ compared to just using shampoo alone."

Duh, ofcourse ANY conditioner would put my hair in a softer condition after using a shampoo.

so get it? don't start putting fantasies in your head about achieving some hair that they HIRED someone with beautiful, healthy hair promote a product homegirl probably wouldn't be caught dead using, EVER. don't create what's not there. do you think out of the millions of consumers they hope to get with this ad, YOU are the one they made the product for?????

don't get mad, get educated.

read the ingredients lists, find out what they mean, and how they react to your hair. - AND the fact that stuff like mineral oil and propylene glycol are super cheap ingredients compared to that $15.00 price tag they are charging you...

And know the dupe names. know that mineral oil is petrolatum is isopropyl myristate...etc. and do you want vaseline in your hair????

for me cyclopentasiloxane sucks. whether it is in aveeno's $5.00 conditioner or aveda's $30.00 conditioner.

Sure I could make pretend the ad, the spokesperson, and the millions of dollars they spent in advertising, locating the best hair on women in the world, etc. mean something, or I can get a clue and say, "hey, am I gonna buy this out of pleasure and enjoyment or am I really gonna buy their bunk."

Do the former.

Signed off by a girl who has probably spent enough in hair products in the last 20 years to have paid the mortgage -in full- on a small cottage.

Happy Hair Journies!!!!!!!

*and when you finally find stuff you like, remember "that is what you work for..." to enjoy the free market of this great country!!!!


do you know why you can't find any naturals with hair like your's?
naturals who just like to let it be, unmanipulated, untouched, just coily, tactile sense crazy nappily happy?

because when you have reached the point where you have hair like this, and have accepted it, this 'hair like this' you realize there is nothing to do to it. nothing.

so usually there is no point being on hair boards, cavorting [sp?] with those who are 'styling' their hair...trying out the latest product, trying new styles, new growout trends, know, HAIR STUFF...

20 years later, the more you know.

ummmm, now, save for the occassional pic in glamour magazine or redbook of a 'hair twin' talking about, commenting on, reflecting upon, writing an article about..."anything BUT hair..."


but, hair is still fun, 'just know what it is, and don't forget what is happening, be aware, alert, and on cue... ...

hmmmm, the latter could be a phrase for 'life'

3/21/13 marshall's today...companies really have their finger on the pulse. a lot of new poos sulfate free, minus cones and sodium hydroxide [for ph balance but some, incl me, cringe at the name...].

i mean some really good ones [companies i never heard of EVER but the bottles looked pretty high end] AND they had expiration dates...

anyone who shops at marshall's knows their 'stock' is usually overstock. so knowing the products are not old, one exp. date was for 2015! is pretty good.

yea, i love looking, reading about, and perusing products. spending money, believing their hype? not so much...

3/22/13 - taking $60.00 worth of condish back to walmart sans receipt

eversince i found this vo5 tea blackberry sage, and realizing as my hair maintains more growth the herbal essences ain't cuttin it.

back in the day, my sisters would wait in line like kids in the santa line waiting for my flat iron, higher end hair product stash.

before i decided to call on them again, i was like, wait, lemme see how much all these new unopened bottles are worth put together.

mind you, they are not high end, but there is a lot of them. see, pj to me means trying and obtaining shit loads of DIFFERENT products...not the same one.

but if having 20 bottles of the same ish is still a pj...since that is what i'se about to do soon, count this girl in...

so how do such cheapie bottles end up costing so much?

one v05 2in1 moisturzing shampoo [i opted for the correlating tea poo]

tresemme @ 4 or 5 bucks each. 1 bottle platinum ___ condish 1 bottle keratin ____ condish

some random walmart condish @ 5 or 6 bucks

4 bottles of herbal essences 25.4 ounce color me happy condish @ 4.99 each.

2, one litre bottles of herbal essences one body envy @ 7 and one color me happy {? i think, or maybe another body envy...} a 7 bucks.

a plethora of vo5 brands whose ingredients i didn't read.

mass bottles of ocean breeze or something like that{ fucking sea salt?!]

massbottles of kiwi clariying [____ salyicate[spelling] ] who the fuck wants aspirin drying the fuck out their hair...]

a few bottles of pomegranate and grapeseed oil [meh]

and that's about it.

what can they do but deny me getting a store credit, etc?

who the fuck steals that amount of condish for a store credit? at walmart?


so along with sage, due to my nape and cuz i can't stand product application...i am back with my infusium 23 liquid leave in and as my coworker can attest to from summer 2010, i sprays the shit out of some leave-in. about 3 or 4 uses in an 8 ounce bottle.

and I will probably keep the sally's gvp conditioning balm for weekend use, too.
i will spend my 5 dollar coupon of a 5 dollar or more product at sally's and see what is up.

so 4 products in massive amounts...sounds good.


3/22/13 afternoon...infusium 23 spray is pretty cool

'hair is dry from this morning's shake and go.

this stuff is awesome.

[it really helps give my hair 'support'. I have said this before about liquid leave-ins, but as i now try diff't routines [cheaper yet better] I realize using it after the vo5 tea blackberry sage it really gave my hair a crisp yet not crisp hold yet not hold that had my hand in from tactile sense quite pleased.

Real as always, as I ween my product fascination to 4 thing:

[tea-therapy-blackberry-sage-tea (poo and condish); said infusium; sally's beauty supply gvp brand conditioning balm...]

the heavy handedness isn't going anywhere. saving money is great, but not at sacrifice. if you have to sacrifice your needs, wants, etc. something is wrong somewhere, get a cheaper lifestyle or better job.

so, yeah, my 8 ounce infusium will prob be good for about 3 or 4 uses...

LOL. remember YOU are reading this. judge away...we will compare hair flourishing after you rebuild your glass house

see why i am sooooo psyched to have a cheaper yet uber effective regimen.

if i need to pour a bottle of condish on my head to detangle, so be it. [at 99 cents you can't beat it!!!!!!, especially when compared to doing the same with a litre of $28.00 kenra]

Please see link at bottom of page for the routine that saved my hair, and my pocketbook. while i feel you should do what you need to to be the best you...the idea of conditioner running down the drain is NOT a good feeling whether it is one buck, five dollars, or twenty-eight dollars]

Have fun smiling, trying not to pee yourself, whilst reading, as you realize that an almost 40 year old woman was indeed piling hair on her head when she was pooing, AND backcombing while rinsing condish out.

then, let's all rejoice in our new found, healthier hair practices

[in case the link hits a nerve with you, too. {pssst, don't worry, I wont tell, just enjoy the new found wisdom, like i did ;-)}

despite it being a procter and gamble link, the info is great. like you probably did, when i think of P&G i think pantene. when i think pantene i believe allll the negative hype, because sooooo many times i wanted to believe the ads [see me, too] and tried it sooooo many different types only to be living proof of the negative hype. ;-).

But they also make aussie and herbal essences. and while both no longer serve a need [yes! even a 25.4 ounce bottle at $5 is murder on the pocketbook of a heavy handed girl]

i did like them, so if you must, think aussie or HE when you read link and not pantene. as a matter of fact, they don't even push any of their products as they advise you of your hair/it's needs etc.

Happy reading!!!!!

so yeah, life is good.

Happy hair growing, ladies!!!!!


3/22/13- hmmm so i am looking at my hair now compared to using cones-

and it def ain't as supple or defined looking. ofcourse a lot of that 'defined' was rinsing and rinsing daily and having hair recoil and recoil, just shy of locks...albeit 's' curled textured locks...

but i am keeping on this journey.

it builds confidence.

this is my hair.

this is how i want it to be.

cone free.

meh. it rhymes. rhymes always dumb down a serious statement...

3/24/13 the blessings of progression

Hair, meet life:

Never let ego trump who you are.

If something happens to you in life

which proves right or validates a characteristic or trait

don't lose yourself trying to refute

or let "circumstance" keep you from flourishing

just because you may feel what you exemplify

makes it too easy for someone else to pigeonhole you

or take advantage of your state.

Your life isn't a one-year trial run

where you try to be what you feel you may need to be to "fit in".

If you aren't true to yourself,

you realize once that year is over...[if you haven't croaked ofcourse...] (LOL) once that year is over...

are you still gonna "make pretend"?

You realize whatever delusions of a one-year case you have is/was a disadvantage to your true self.

So what do you do?

Sulk about your wasted year?

or make that year a blessing of retrospective growth, discernment & wisdom... and fable of what happens

when you let a facade of what you think is "ideal"

compared to your life, true self...

As you grow you realize you can't totally act like what ills you see aren't there,

you mature, but you don't change the essential you.

So much for ego, eh?

Be proud not self defeating...

Don't inadvertently fuck yourself over just to prove others wrong.


3/25/13 - age gracefully, act like your time on earth has meaning

age gracefully.

lately I have read about/"seen" many bands going back on the road.

these are bands I would've geeked out over as a kid.

like suicidal tendencies, etc.

{and there is this 70s baby side of me, I can NOT explain. lynyrd skynyrd, bowie, etc... No one in the house listened to this stuff, why do I know the words? Why did I have the albums. Needless to say, these new concert announcements are coming AFTER their heyday. Case in point:

The Steve Miller Band. Why do I want to see a 70-year old man in concert when I can get the remastered CD?

What is the point? To relive my yesteryears? and to think about it, I can't even say THAT, with this band, being that I WASN'T EVEN BORN YET...
0 0
____ }

i am like, when my mom, said, "it will be there" cuz ofcourse her 14-year old baby was not going in anyone's mosh pit, [but I did have every tape and album i ever wanted...]

yikes...25 years later, no way.

and i mean, besides ozzy osbourne and bruce dickinson, no one can still blow the pipes like back in the day.

ozzy can SANG. for someone who has tasted a rainbow of chemicals, he has the best voice. I mean, he has melody, depth, soul, etc.

but even I would never see him in concert.

in 2010, i was geeking cuz iron maiden was in concert. this is an english band from my teen years who never tours in america, ESPECIALLY LIKE 30 YEARS LATER.

thanks to palladia tv, i no longer have to plead on facebook for a ride to get to their concert.

****the moral of this story. accept getting older, stop trying to live in the past or at the least, attempting to reclaim it...***

i mean seriously, when i see someone like dave mustaine put out new music, i am like dude, really? you are fucking 50? you haven't gotten over your angst of being american's ugly stepchild, yet?!

ofcourse, metallica is exempt. i mean, they have progressed in their bitterness. Their adult material, adult material. But, I never want to meet james hetfield. He was like the MAN when I was 12...but besides a decent band, what would be the purpose. I am not fifteen, I am not going to go gaga over a photo with you...I will be impressed with others who have been photographed with you, however...

there is a difference.

and why haven't slayer found the lord yet? {LOL, total joke, don't ask} I don't wanna hear south of heaven part two 25 years later.

and a few weeks ago, why was I DYING all over the place when I saw a youtube [see, the internet is like making stuff you should NOT ever see, "seeable" [i know...but, this is a fucking blog, not a grammar class]

A former skinhead band like Agnostic Front should not be "humanized" and available for q&a on yourtube. After I got over the fact I was seeing Vinnie...albeit, looking more like a cast-off from a sopranos-type reality show than a former cbgb star....

I was like ew. Ofcourse, that didn't stop me from knowing their remake of "blitzkrieg bop" was made just for me, but I digress...

I mean, in one sense it is cool to see your music heroes as 'people' ... on the other hand, you realize, these are people I would never want to be in the company of, I just like their music, further, it is like 25 years later...unless you laid off the pipe and didn't let the booze eat your liver, more than not, I will be paying to see a charity event moreso than a rock concert.


I think the initial excitement comes again from mom's "it'll be there" comment. You realize you are an adult now, more than likely as an adult the 20 or so year age gap no longer matters, and if you really wanted to, you could be in these people's company.

so it is less, "ooh, I want their autograph" and more like, "I wonder if they have a pinched nerve like Mustaine from swinging back and forth that 15 pounds of wet hair?"

Life is so funny, BUTyou are supposed to progress. That is the key. No matter your religion, belief, or lack of, you were not put on this earth to be stagnant. No one is saying you have to be a ceo by 55, shit, it doesn't even have a thing to do with wealth or prestige, just inner development.

If, as a twenty year old I dealt with a dude and his baby momma drama, as an almost 40-something, I will be shaking my head in judgement at a married 40 year old man still cheating and having kids out of wedlock, with a blind/devoted wife, without a conscience.

the more you know...

4/3/13 Hair techniques lhcf response worthy of repeating-repost below

Today, 01:45 PM
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Re: Do any 4a,b,cs wash and go??


Originally Posted by Louisex3
Wanna do it but i'm scuurreddd!
Since i've started my HHJ i wash in 5/6 cornrows.

If you do wash n go how do you stop your hair getting tangled?
And what's your regi?

Thanks in advance x

Yes. The wash and go is my 'goto' style. I can't twist due to impatience when it is time

to untwist the ends and paranoia about 'pulling' in the crown.

My techniques have improved VASTLY and i think the more i practice the better I will get

with tangles.

My tangles are inevitable but with patience and decent product slip and more patience the

detangling is really becoming a breeze.

I am lazy, so that may help in my case.

I do most of my work BEFORE the actual shake and go. The TOTAL SATURATION with LOTS of *conditioner*, the

sectioning, *combing through each section* with *GOBS of conditioner*, detangling then

rinsing...then *SPRAYING* ^[in abundance]^ and going. sans any application that

involves raking through. I have hand in fro like crazy once it dries, but i can't deal

with 'styling' my wet hair.

I would have to say **my conditioner usage DEFINITELY substitutes as a styler/stylers**.

I just don't like doing anything to my hair after rinsing - only spraying all over, side to side,

in the back, etc.

Happy Growing.


end of repost

edited to add:

more post-20 years epiphanies!!!!!!

detangling ends on up is 'on'!!!!!!!!

Yes, the things others may see as 'just same ol'/same ol' just may be a blessing to someone else.

Never doubt the power of positivity. You just never may be someone's hero...nah...hero sounds egotistical as fuck.

just be yourself, you never know how being yourself may just help someone else 'find' themselves...

4/3/13 i love my faux coils are happy makers...

Yup. I love the versatility of my hair and learning it after all this time, FINALLY, learning my hair...

I love the coils...

The tactile senses of squeezing long pen spring coils and deep 's' textured kinks rock.

No matter your texture...embrace your hair's is a confidence builder that goes beyond vanity and "just hair". :-)

4/5/13 - happy days are here again:

another cut and paste, cuz the words are good and why re-write it? this time from


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Lots o' talk about locs.

I realize now I am at awkward medium length stage. the stage i never graduated

from...until now...

I love the way my hair coils now that i have my technique somewhat 'betterized'

[new word, folks ;-)] I call the look my bevy of

pseudo locs; however, I don't want my hair to 'loc up'. Locs are too

permanent. My hand in fro would be compromised...

The remedy to my hair laziness is just to do it daily, without fail. I try to look at it

as what hubby says, 'part of the daily uniform'. you know grooming, getting

ready for your day, etc.

looking at it this way, has made me enjoy my hair a lot more, again; enjoy hair

products again; and patiently marvelling at the steady growth. I was in such a

hair funk cycle ALMOST ...either i would relax it, get frustrated, then

shave it off. Thankfully my newly discovered regimen at the perfect time nixed all

of that and brought me to this new happy hair state...

I can't believe i had been doing it wrong all these years...well, it has been said

life begins at 40...i guess this will be the sneak preview year. ;-)

...who IS this girl?!?



they say life begins at 40, so I guess this year will be the preview

LOL, like these stores. What the fuck?

The sale starts Saturday, but there will be a preview to the sale of Wednesday.


I love analyzing, overthinking, rationalizing, and back again.

Thank God for an understanding, all encompassing of his love for me, hubby.


So I can basically analyze my life through ... you guessed love for hair and how a certain hair 'do reflected a certain point in my life.

This Friday will be my [drumroll, please] 39th birthday.

and the beauty of it, isn't so much the age...but the improvement I have felt I have the oh...last ...I will say 2 years...definitely.

I always felt behind the 8-ball, like a total loser, and like my hubby was like a care-giver pitying my very existence.

My credit sucked, I was 'too spoiled' and all the WRONG ways, and waiting for an impending death to take me away like there was pretty much 'nothing to see here, folks', as I like to say.

I try looking at other blogs, other hair sites, etc. but for some reason I find my stuff more interesting.

I can look back at it all and not cringe so much. Not totally hate my voice, get flustered when certain people ask "do I have an accent?", and all the misery that comes with duality.

You know.

The poor kid from the projects gets rescued by whitey, pressured by blacky, and without persmission becomes supernegro...

yeah, THAT...

So maybe for once, you can actually click on this journal and find info after it.

Don't say you weren't forwarned...



ummm, so like, you all actually read this shit, huh?

The preview sale begins!!!!!!!

So today is the 39th year...

As I wrote to my sister today, [hmm, do I need to copyright my shit, LOL]

naw, cuz the phrase I am about to use is an adage at least a few years old.

So, life supposedly begins at 40. So this year marks the preview into 40.

A nice way to look at it.

Understanding what doing random acts of kindness REALLY MEANS...

As usual, I get lazy as fuck and when I want to write something, that I might have found interesting enough to reply to on a message board...and find it interesting enough to bring up here...well, I get lazy as fuck...LOL

AND did not find whatever I wrote interesting enough to re-write it here, though.


Here is some cut and past for that azz:

Bill Cheatam shared Inspiration's photo -

"Carry out random acts of kindness with no expectation of in knowing that one day someone might do the same for you"

Uncle Bill, that statement is misleading. If you carry out unconditional acts of kindness, you would not care if the other person may some day do the same thing for you or not. You do what you do, move on, and never think about it again. That is what unconditional means. Too many of us are caught up in doing 'good' to get 'the goods' in the form of accolades or recognition or just to see if the other person noticed. For those who follow the Christian text...the above statement is less about humility and more about storing brownie points for a rainy day. Have a great weekend! :-)


Questions, class?


Have you caught the premiere, of the new pre-quel to Thom Harris' novel-inspired Red Dragon, on NBC?

Then think about the intro scene at the FBI academy and get a clue...

'painful realities presumed w/Showtime's Homeland premiere s1/ep1



Do y'all know 'bout the dish detergent analogy

well, do you? read on, lucky ones, second time of me writing in the actual journal.

well, shit, click it...

when pain becomes a panacea; when punked becomes fucked

i am not feeling well, and need to express the pain I feel ...please click to read on...

is there a name for enjoying your own photos ?

I have always looked at fotkis for...well...just to see hair...since like...2003.

And I never see any plain ol hair. using plain old store bought conditioners.

so, I always find myself rereading old blogs, etc.

Nothing for anyone else to see cuz 2013 is the year of the awesome technique.

Why look at 10 years worth of stuff, when you know what wind up happening at least towards to end of at the most 2 years.

frustration, that's what.

so, after 1/21/13...during the inauguration if you can believe it [or not, who the fuck are you, this is my fotki, LOL] I just got tired of ripping and pulling. and saw all that hair pouring out.

just like in 2004, just like in 2006...etc.

I never attributed it to new longer length and thus needing a new routine.

until now.

and now, I am just thankful I have the hair in my crown that i do have.

I mean, I guess around November 2012 I noticed it was longer, and something just made me go, wait, what are you doing?

and so began, a better hair journey...

pretty much...

4/19/13 - hair question as copied from naturally

'time to kill??? Condish Wash when using 'cone but no gels [lonnnnnng]


For the first time, I'd like to try this condish only thing.

By accident it has been three weeks since a sulfate was in my scalp.

But when I just mildly rinse with a vo5 condish, my scalp 'squeaks' and I don't see residue.

daily I use ample, AMPLE amounts of herbal essences conditoners, so inevitably, I'd say at LEAST 5 % stays in the hair, add on that, the infusium spray i spray LIBERALLY - then, shake and GO

Input please.


see ingredient lists below: for 6 products...

not ALL at once, LOL. usu. condish wash with vo5 flavor, rinse out with herbal essences flavor, spray infusium

sometimes deep overnite with gvp


Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner -

Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Extract, Passiflora Incarnata (Passionflower) Flower Extract, Zea Mays (Corn) Silk Extract, Fragrance, Glutamic Acid, Bis Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol, EDTA (Ethylenediamine-Tetra-Acetic Acid), Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Yellow 10, Red 33, Yellow 6


Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Condish -

Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Prunus Serotina (Wild Cherry) Fruit Extract, Orchid Extract, Zea Mays (Corn) Silk Extract, Fragrance, Cetyl Alcohol, Bis Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Red 33, Blue 1


Alberto vo5 strawberries and cream condish:

Ingredients: Water (Aqua, EAU), Cetyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Glyceryl Stearate, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Red 33 (CI 17200), Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, Stearyl Alcohol, Steareth-21, Tocopheryl Acetate, Soymilk, Panthenol, Ascorbic Acid, Fragaria Vesca (Strawberry) Leaf Extract, Niacinamide, Biotin

Alberto vo5 pomegranate and grapeseed oil:

Ingredients: Water (Aqua, EAU), Cetyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Glyceryl Stearate, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Benzoate, Amyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Orange 4 (Ci 15510), Red 4 (CI 14700), Red 40 (CI 16035), Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, Stearyl Alcohol, Steareth-21, Tocopheryl Acetate, Punica Granatum Extract, Panthenol, Ascorbic Acid, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Niacinamide, Biotin


Infusium Leave in -

Water, Amodimethicone, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Panthenol, Polyquaternium 11, PPG 2 Methyl Ether, Acetamide MEA, Citric Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, PEG/PPG 18/18 Dimethicone, Betaine (Sugar Beet), Glycerin, Sorbitol, Serine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Arginine (L Arginine Hydrochloride), Threonine, Lysine, Alanine, PEG 8/SMDI Copolymer, Proline, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Behenic Acid, Palmitoyl Myristyl Serinate, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Stearic Acid, Arachidic Acid, PEG 8, Trideceth 12, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance, Amino Methyl Propanol, Sodium PCA, Methylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA


gvp Conditioning Balm - [whenever the mood hits] -
Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Myristyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Decyl Oleate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Hexyl Cinnamal, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwack) Extract, Methyl-2-Octynoate


hmmmm, rosemary...'always thought that was what had my scalp peeling with the elasta h2


If you've braved through and gotten this far...

growout from baldy since 10/11
modified cg; cones & mild sulfate 'poo
-cowash: fave 2: vo5 strawberry
-rinseout:herbal essencesbodyenvy;color mehappy
-leave in: infusium 23 repair/renew spray
-dc: gvp conditioning balm

survey says: herbalessences curls & waves totally twisted condish wins

when i think about why i stopped using it, I think walmart was out and i had no choice but to try others.

the hair is 'on'!! today, and i feel better using this as it is for curly hair so yes, once again, the ads are getting to me, and gosh I just love herbal essences.

I just hope they keep stock...

that's the beauty of hair messageboards, once word gets out, the products fly!!!!

this same epidemic happened back in the day with clairol's [as, well!, just like herbal essences!!!!!] now defunct daily defense tender apple.

NOTE: Stores, honor your crazed hair product ladies, stock the fuck up! it's a win-win for everyone...

4.24.13- atypical statement: "my husband/bf never 'listens' !!!!"

bf is sooo interchangeable!!!-

best friend or boyfriend
now then:

what do y o u want from the people in your circle?


what do you want 'people' to say to you?

Think of a topic you want 'someone desirable' to listen to?

-do you want that person to just listen, give you

advice, take some type of action on your behalf, OR

do you just want to hear yourself talk?

*If the formers, what exactly do you want of these people? *

-NO ONE can fill your void or "make it happen"

for you; though, it is nice to think that way.

-It doesn't mean people don't care about you, but

everyone has a life and they are usually too

consumed with their own to try to figure out what

you need unless you tell them. and when you tell

them...what do you want from them? seriously?

Now if it's the latter and you just like to hear

yourself talk,write about you, be all about you...

Maybe keep a blog, do facebook, etc.

people love reading about people's lives. don't worry

about the responses so much, as they may creep you

out, but if you just want an audience, go that route.

I don't know if you are spiritual or not, but put your

God first, you second, THEN your S/O.

You have to feel whole FIRST, then you can feel

some type of way [love, lust, enamored, 'sweet on',

emotionally vested, etc.] for others.

Maybe this will help [just a smidget] with what you

think you need from people.

everyone is different, but this is a message board,

bubbling over with plenty of everyone's ass-

holes...oops i mean...opinions, LOL.

Best of luck.

dude, are they REALLY laughing at YOU?

My hubby loves to laugh

AT me and with me. He

adores me oodles, [a bit

humble, aren't I? ]and

finds my offbeat nature,

sarcasm, cynicsm, yet

bubbly personality

hilarious. and in turn,

being "me" it allowed me

to love the hubby more,

and not be so

overwhelmed by MY

insecurities, lack,

and drama.

"I" was the one who was

uncomfortable, cuz, um,

"THAT ish" is definitely

NOT "normal" to "some".


In time, when you grow

more into yourself, you will

feel more like you and less

like you are "them-less".

Something great

happened when I hit

I stopped caring. And the

less I cared, the more I actually "cared"... [cue

twilight zone theme] The

key is to know "yourself" is

to know you, it is internal

not external.

yada yada yada.

When you give a fuck about "you" more

and can be yourself totally

[ as much as you can without being fired or jailed, LOL],

you'll be more annoyed at

all the energies you'll

attract from just being you

and worry much less

about how you 'measure

up' and people 'liking you'

or having the audacity,

gasp, to 'ridicule' you.

grow some.

or in the meantime listen to

some NWA to get you


4/30/13 - mommy's "weird" child

For the second day, or 1.5 days, LOL, my hair is nice and spongy, thanks to the wonderful benefits of backcombing routine without 'backcombing'...detangling another route.

okay,, I use the herbal essences body envy which promises volume and body.

my hair is definitely full of body and voluminous, just like an ideal hair day, coily, curly, spongey, mass-ful.

but no, it isn't the conditioner... LOL...

.... .... .... ....

the ads are misleading...

yet, the totally twisted waves and curls, definitely defines my hair...

the color me happy -

and yes, the body envy makes body

and the drama clean...cleans

and the gvp cb is very conditioning sans 'cones

well...i guess... ads aren't a bad thing, per se...

ah...the hair chronicles...

5/2/13...gvp cb vs. herbal essences FINALLY put to the test as usual did the deep overnite condish thing with gvp cb and dealt with the next morning...splendid results as usual....


is it the ACTUAL conditioner


the time factor...

cuz shit...putting ANYTHING on your head for 8 hours plus...will do SOMETHING...

so the next night...did the overnite with herbal essences body envy...
[see prior journal entry, "weird child"] it detangled well enough...

the second night...herbal essences color me happy. nice. better job detangling. which was expected as the body envy should be lighter for volume. the color me happy was more emolient but know it's for hair color so...yada yada yada. the smell is so the old H.E. replenishing condish from back in theday...


so last night used the totally twisted. overnight. this morning it was either lacking or my hair sucked it up, cuz unlike other nights, there was no condish on the hair, LOL....
so when applying additional to detangle, it was very very nice. as it should be. it is a conditioner for curls and waves which can be parched and need was thick and detangled well....


gvp cb is the bomb and there is no comparison...

BUT it costs more and you get more product and spend less for HE.

i am more pleased with the actual technique i use getting better, so it matters the condish but not really...

and the gvp, i think should be special, like once a week, not every friggin day...

so...the h.e. totally twisted for curls andwaves wins... for affordability and detangling daily...

[ to do with that SHITLOAD of color me happy...]

imagine the 'new' technique with shorter hair

talk about a flower in full bloom. coils without a debbie downer.

'sounds good to me'

said in my best Esteban, from kill bill 2, voice.


5/15/13 the beauty of 'the pause'

after over a week of my hair in a wrapped 'scarf bun', [since sunday morning, 5/5/13] the beast is unleashed.

summer is coming, the edges are trying to fill in... yada yada yada...

and i forgot...i hate to comb my hair...looks like the hair goal by 40 in still in effect.

soon, i will have enough hair to do a full 'cover over' to camoflauge the edges.

how i always forget. I have no edges. I would always go for the cut and cringe at pulling out the black makeup to fill in the sides.


oh well. there are worse things in life...i am sure.

well, aren't there? i guess i am too spoiled by my hubby for my own good, eh?

hell no, you can NEVER be 'too spoiled'.

that reasoning just does not exist in the book of the coily one...

happy hair growing!!!!!


5/29/13 "He is sorry"

This is the phrase just muttered by a coworker after a tirade that lasted about 2 hours.

Why is he "sorry".

He spoke his words, totally offending, if not making uncomfortable, everyone in earshot...

and now..."he is sorry"

As you get older you progress, [well, I guess, right], and now I see why the advice of never saying you are sorry was given.

"Don't say you are sorry, or I will say 'yeah, you are sorry' as in trite, a loser, etc.'.

Makes a lot of sense.

Think about the last time you uttered the words I am sorry.

-not holding your 'boo thang' after making them your receptacle...

-not taking out the trash

-cursing out someone

-shit, think of something

Why are you sorry? Is it because you hurt someone's feelings inadvertently and now you want to make it better? You got caught and that is a quick and easy alibli?

Think about why you did or said what you did.

You surely do not regret it.

How can you regret something that flows from you easily like the air you breathe.

You are 'inconvenienced', 'stuck', 'in a tizzy', need a cya pass, etc.


you are not



the more you know...