Understanding Tattoos

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Presenting Tattoos

FAMILIAR STRANGERS Tattoo Studio (Singapore) established during 2009, is just one of Singapore's Highest Rated Tattoo Studio with Hundreds of thousands of Followers. Our tattoo artists serves everyone with passion, sincerity and hospitality. We just make excellent tattoos and that we care for our clients because reputation is our most valuable asset. We are in charge of our works, if any client is just not 100% content with his/her tattoo done by our resident tattooists, we're going to redo it no cost. Were charging our clients reasonable rates and certainly well-worth for your quality tattoos fix received, let alone to control your emotions in a sterilized and cosy environment. We committed to Japanese & Oriental Tattoos, Polynesian Samoan & Maori Tribal Tattoos, Black & Grey works, American Traditional Tattoos, Realism Tattoo, Animal Portraits, Font Word Tattoos and Old Skool Flash Works. We're going to tattoo most kind of tattoos upon request, coming from a small word tattoo around the wrist into a Japanese Irezumi body suit, we all do everything. If you required an individualized top quality tattoo that you wished to cherish for the rest of your life we're the Tattoo Studio that you should be tattooed in Singapore ! More details about Tattoos website: this.