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Friday, June 27, 2014

Fotki June-2014 Update   

Dear Fotki members!

We have a lot of news and updates for you.

1. Privacy options
Some members reported that their photos are showing on our home page even though their settings were set OFF (not to show on a home page). It is fixed now.

2. About Fotki
We added prices for our additional services - check it!

3. Replace Photo
We used to erase all of the photo details when you re-uploaded a photo, but now when you replace the photo, all of the details will stay untouched.

4. Report photo/video page didn’t work in some cases, now it’s fixed.

5. The Copyright frame is now using HTML5 Canvas technology instead of old Flash, now it works on mobile devices as well.

6. Permanent links to your photos
Earlier when you uploaded your photos we stored them on several servers for more reliability. When you copied direct links of your photos and wanted to use them outside of Fotki (on forums, websites, eBay, etc), sometimes your photos stopped being displayed. You then had to go to the photo pages, get new links and update them everywhere you used your direct links. Now we offer permanent links to your photos which will work all the time. This service is available to all who have activated Original Storage service. Permanent links are available in Share menu item. New permanent links start with “"

7. Minimum lowered to $5 for additional services
Now the minimum amount to activate Storage of Originals and Video storage is reduced from $30 to $5.

8. Possibility to buy Fotki Credits for less than $30.
Additional choices are: $5, $10, $15, $20.

9. Share button for free users
Share button is available for free users. You can use it to get URL to share your photos on other sites, to get links to send your photos via email/instant messenger and also to get codes for a Fotki Journal.

10. Photo sellers are now able to use both dot (.) and comma (,) symbols to delimit cents in pricing page.

11. We are working on fixing Java Certificate issue, and hopefully in a week we will be able to release new Java uploaders signed with our new Java Certificate. For now, we recommend to use drag and drop upload (from your computer to the browser).

12. And for those who are still waiting for some of the photos and videos to appear back in their albums - we are still working on copying data from old hard drives, which didn’t survive well our long journey from New York. Also, in parallel with data recovery, we selected number of drives which we think may fail soon, and we are moving data from them to newer, faster and bigger drives.

13. We have also updated and optimized our pages, and now they load faster.

14. And we don't show advertisement anymore. Yes, Fotki is an Ad-Free Service from now on.

P.S. In case you missed our last blog update, already very low prices for additional services have been seriously cut. Enjoy Fotki!

Dmitri Don
Fotki Founder