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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
12:01 AM

Fotki Update, April-2014    

1) By now you might have heard about the internet bug Heartbleed, which has impacted up to 2/3 of companies on the web. Without getting too technical, Heartbleed affects the OpenSSL framework used by many online businesses to privately send data to and from internet servers.

We conducted a prompt investigation on April 8th, 2014 and all of the issues were immediately mitigated. We have no evidence that any account or data was compromised, however we are recommending that our customers change their passwords as a precautionary measure and as a matter of good practice.

So, to be safe online:
- Protect your password and change it regularly.
- Don't reuse your password.
- Ensure you use unique passwords for each web service you are subscribed to.

2) We started accepting Bitcoin, and we offer 10% off to all Bitcoin payments! For those who don’t know about Bitcoins yet, check this resource

3) As we cleaned up from spam (more than 100,000 spam records were deleted) we decided to disable forums and journals for free users. For those who still need this and rely on this functionality, please contact us, and we will enable forums and journals for you.

4) Complaint page is now working.

5) We fixed adding geolocation on a map.

6) Now, when you share a photo or album on Facebook we will display your photo instead of an avatar. Please test and let us know if this works for you.

7) We returned few elements from old home page, like many of you have asked. Please let us know what else would you like to see.

8) You can login to Fotki with your Facebook and Google accounts! Much faster and easier!

9) We hired one of our old Fotki member to help us with customer service issues, you will be getting answers much faster now.

10) And, we reduced prices for data transfer and storage! It is only 3 cents a GB.

Our personal move and datacenter move is over. We have settled and we are back in business. We have a long long to-do list, but we are open for your ideas and suggestions!

Dmitri Don
Fotki Founder