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Monday, June 27, 2011
12:43 PM

Tips&Tricks. Weekly contests.   

Greetings Fotkins,

Fotki photo contests are the best way to get your photos noticed and a good start if you wish to get valuable feedback from fellow photographers. Of course it's also just plain fun to compete, vote and simply look at great photography.

We would like to encourage you to participate by voting and submitting your photos.

Contest Types

  1. My photo of the week- no particular theme. Anyone can participate. Submit a photo you've selected to show to Fotkins this week.
  2. Digital Art Contest - this contest is for digital art artists. We run this contest once a month.
  3. Themed contest - for this contest we pick one particular theme. Examples : "Waterfalls", "Fog and mist", etc.

Themed contests are the most challenging once, since you are limited to one particular theme. If you like more freedom of imagination, our "My photo of the week" is perfect start for you. Digital art contests are for creative minds and masters of Photoshop.

NB! Remember that you can always suggest a new theme or a new monthly/weekly contest series. Your ideas are welcome.

Submit your photo

  1. Find contest available for new entries.
  2. Click "Submit your entry" link.

NB! If you don't find any contests for photo submission, don't forget to check other open contests and cast your vote.

  1. Check description.
  2. Read and accept our contest rules.
  3. Choose uploading method. You can use Flash uploader (preferably), use HTML upload (works on all computers) or URL upload (allows to upload using direct link to the hosted image)
  4. Fill in "Title" and "Description" (optional).
  5. Submit your photo.

NB! You can always check your entry status here:

Share and follow

You can invite your friends to participate in Fotki contests using either Facebook or Twitter icons on top.

You can also follow us on Twitter by adding Fotki to your "follow list" or subscribe to our RSS channel.

Don't miss our next Tips&Trips article next Monday.

Experiment and have fun!

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.