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Monday, May 30, 2011
10:31 AM

Tips&Tricks. Rearrange, rotate and other bulk actions.   

Greetings Fotkins,

Fotki makes your photo organizing task easier with bulk options. Now let's take them down one by one


To rearrange your album photos, you don't have to select them, just click on Rearrange to select appropriate method and order.

  1. Filename numeric.
  2. Filename alphabetic.
  3. Title. Sort your photos by title name and ignore filenames.
  4. Upload. Sort photos by upload order.
  5. Exif date. Will check image exif date.
  6. Manual. Allows you to put numbers beneath your photos in desired order.

Move/Copy/Edit selected.

Allows you to select photos you want to move, copy or delete and then apply bulk action to selected files.

  1. Select files you want to apply bulk action.
  2. Click "Move/Copy Selected" if you wish to move or copy files to another album.
  3. Click on "Delete Selected" to delete selected files.

Show Links.

This options allows you to get URLs of your images for posting on other websites, forums and blogs in a bulk.

  1. Select images you want to post on another site or click "Select all" if you want to check all images on that page.
  2. When they're selected, click on "Show Links" option in the menu on your left.
  3. Now you can easily copy and paste links to your images on other sites.
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Experiment and have fun!

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.