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Tuesday, May 8, 2012
7:46 PM

Gary G. Schempp, the Honeybee Savior!   

Dear All,

We have always been saying how lucky we are to have our community knitted of such kind, amazing and talented members like yourselves. It's incredible how diverse we are and how many different careers, hobbies and good causes we pursue all the while not forgetting to capture a few great photos to share and remember.

A few days ago we've learned the story of one of our Fotkins - Gary G. Schempp, and would like to share it with you here. If you know GaryGS1, you are probably familiar with his work, but if not, we invite you to his page where he keeps visual journals about what he does day after day - helping the Nature! Many of us know that it has been struggling from human actions and so sometimes human actions are needed again to counterbalance. Gary does his part by relocating honeybees from house structures and other inappropriate places to the bee farm where they can live, flourish and keep pollinating! For the past few years researchers have been concerned about the drop in honeybee population but if Gary and people like him continue to rescue the bees and ensure their survival, there will always be hope.

In one recent case in April, written about by The Inquirer, Gary had removed an astonishing 30,000 honeybees from the attic of one couple's home in New Jersey where his organization - Busy Bees NJ is located.

Busy Bees is also part of the The New Jersey Beekeprs Organization that has over 2500 active bee savers! These people really love what they do and our Gary is ever so brave and passionate about helping people and nature around him and changing the world in his own way little by little that we feel greatly proud having him with us.

Thank you, Gary Schempp, for making our world a better place, showing your work in photos to inspire others and setting a wonderful example for all. Please keep going and know that we supports your cause and wish your great achievements now and in the future. We hope that other members will learn more about honeybees and the work you do for them and will give you and Busy Bees NJ all the support it needs!

We know Gary's story is not the only one amazing out there and we encourage our members to share what they do - we're interested to hear all about it!

Always Yours,

Fotki Team