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Sunday, March 4, 2012
6:52 PM

Fotki iPhone/iPad App is here!   

Dear all,

We have another exciting update for you! Don't you just love when it's good news all around, one after another? We know you've been patiently waiting for this one and now it's finally here, up and running. Fotki app will work for your iPhone, iPad and iPod and is extremely easy to use. We aimed for simplicity and functionality but it's up to you to place the final verdict which we hope you'll leave in comments for us to read.

So, here's our app in more detail:

1) Look for it in the app store. Just type in "Fotki" and the first result you'll see will be it. You'll recognize it by familiar Fotki logo :)

2) You can read more about it and what it does when you click on the icon and install the app for free. It will only take up 2.8MB of your space, less that a good-quality song.

3) Once the app is installed and you open it up, you'll see the usual log-in screen where you enter your user name and password

4) You can then click on "My albums" and see your again familiar Public and Private home domains

5) Enter one of your albums and you will see the pictures that are in it. You can then use your device to view them full-size and enjoy on your own or show to friends and family.

6) Perhaps one of the greatest things about our app is that it allows you to upload photos right from your device! No more transfers required!
Look up while in album view and you will see the upload button

7) Click on it and see the following two options:

Please note at this point that uploading from a gallery will work only if you have Location Services turned on. Otherwise, the following message will appear:

You can easily get out of this situation by clicking "settings". Your device will forward you to a section where you can turn on Location Services for Fotki app:

8) Once you're done, you can get back to the app and upload pictures from the photo gallery into one of your albums. Remember, you can only upload if you picked an album and are in it because our app needs to know where exactly you want your photos to be.
When you click "upload" you will be transfered to your device gallery and be able to choose the pictures that you want to upload. Click "Done" located at the top of the screen and your upload will start:

9) You will receive a notification once your upload is complete.

To view your newly uploaded pictures, move back into the album and refresh it by exiting and entering it again.

That's it! Try it and let us know what you think. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Always yours,

Fotki Team