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5:13 AM

Updates & releases - Fotki Feed Updated.

Hi Fotkins,

Fotki Feed just got some new upgrades from our developers. Let us briefly tell you about them. Here is a quick list of what has been added & updated:

  1. Track your friends Journal updates broadcasted directly to your Feed.
  2. Check out latest entries submitted to our fun and competitive photo Contests.
  3. Now you can also see last comments left under a specific photo right in your Feed by hovering your mouse over the photo.
  4. Some minor bugs you reported to us along the way have been fixed in this release.

Thank you all for your suggestions, interest and overall support. We really appreciate that.
We keep working on improving Fotki Feed, so your suggestions and feedback are welcome, as always.

Quote of the day : “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.

4:58 AM

Tips&Tricks - Upload photos directly from your camera-phone.

Hi Fotkins,

Today's camera phones can shoot pretty cool photos - do you know that you can easily share these photos on Fotki?
You can simply email your photo from a phone into any album (go into Properties of any of your albums, and see how easily you can setup an email address for each album!)

There are also a couple of nice applications for that available on Fotki Downloads page:

Fotki Mobile is for Android-based phones and Pixelpipe supports all major platforms including iPhone.

Later this year we, will certainty add more options for direct uploading from your mobile devices. So, stay tuned! :)

And, as always, your comments, suggestions and ideas are Welcome! :)

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.

4:39 AM

Tips&Tricks - "Add This" button.

Hi Fotkins,

Here is another neat feature, for those of you who actively share photos on other sites.
"Add This" button connects you to the most popular social networks. Try it out!

By the way, this feature is fully customizable. If you don't like it, you can easily disable it on your account settings page or hide it from your visitors.
Here is the link:

We hope it will be useful for you.

Have a great weekend! :)

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.


Fotkins Like Us...

Do you know that we (Fotki team) really-really like you? - Otherwise, why would we spend sleepless nights making this site work in the way that you want it to work and making this a better place for everyone? - Yes, we do.

But, admittedly, we know some of you more than the others, and so, we decided to share our Love with you. And from now on, we'll be from time to time introducing some of the most bright, curious, talented, outrageous, wonderful, friendly, popular, breathtaking and/or thought-provoking Fotkins in our new Fotkins (Also Known As Fotki Users) blog.

Fotkins (AKA Fotki Users) is our virtual red carpet for coolest Fotki members. In that blog you can find out a little about who they are and what they think of their Fotki experience. And if you know somebody who is as cool as these folks and love Fotki, let us know so that we can put the spotlight on them.

Our first featured Fotkin is Ed Hafizov (Zorz Studios) zorz - a talented photographer and an active member of Fotki community. Our thanks to Ed, that’s his real name, for having found time for interview.