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2:45 PM

McBain, Ed - 87th Princict Detective stories

i got hooked on them back in highschool. I took this wonderful class with Mr.Friedman. I also took "movie appriciations" class (or whatever they took). He had an excellent skill to get you engaged and motivated in things he was interested in. I read McBain and others only due to his recommendations. and i love it.

I don't remembe now much which ones i read or didn't read but i certainly would like to come back!

8:31 PM

Dumas, Alexandre - The Count of Monte Cristo

bought it reread it.
no. i have no sympathy for Danglars or Fernando or prosecutor.
yes Danglars and Fernando rose from the bottom but at what cost? i see nothing respectable or honorable about that. i find my sympathy entirely on Edmond's side.
this is not a dilemma. this is as clear cut as one can get!
yes Dantes has his regrets at the end when an innocent is killed as a result of his plotting but he was willing to sacrifice the innocent right from the start - Valentine was suppose to fall at the hands of her stepmother and Albert was suppose to be killed in a duel. does this make Dantes character dark? yes. but it also makes him human. when rage and thrist for revenge overtake reason.

i can justify rage and wish for revenge i cannot justify cold blooded plotting out of jealousy.

nothing to say if you haven't read it READ it NOW
stuff the dreams made out of

2005/03/30 -- was talking to someone yesterday who apparently enjoyes this novel as much as i do. His take on novel was that he likes characters like Danglar far better than Edmond Dantes. His reasoning was that not many men make themselves bankers coming from such a lowly background, even through conniving was envolved he is a character worthy of admiration. he also suggested that Danglar's daughter Eugenia might be gay. Interesting thought. Being a tomb boy myself I didn't see this when i was reading the book. Looking back it is all but possible. Searching google i found this: <a href="">Eugenie Danglars: She is the daughter of Danglars and his wife. Though she was supposed to marry Albert and then Andrea, Monte Cristo ruins both marriages, causing Eugenie to flee with her lady "friend" to become a musician or artist.</a> that "friend" is pretty indicative that my friend is not the only one thinking that.
Conclusion, reread the book more carefully :) now that i'm not 12 anymore i probably will have a different perspective on a number of things :)