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February 22, 2005
11:52 PM

Tailgate Party Photos   

I got a call from Chuck Fox one day in early 2001. Chuck was a friend from Raceway Park who I had raced against in many Enduro's. He had the idea to have a tailgate party in the Raceway parking lot. He called the the track and got the OK from the Jenin family to do so. Since they were going to be there the day in question anyways, they were nice enough to open the gates to the actual track for anyone that wanted to walk around and take pictures or video. We didn't know what to expect. We brought old pictures to look through and some food and beverage. By the end of the day I would say over 250 people stopped by. Many were friends I knew. Some were people I had never met. While others were former track workers and drivers. We had a great time. It was neat to walk around the track and take pictures and bring up memories we had of the track while other people 100 feet away doing the same thing talking about different memories. It was nice to see people like Wayne Adams and John McKarns (founder of the ARTGO Series) show and walk around. Former track champions like Barb Bosak and Bud Koehler showed up. Bud was nice enough to sit and talk with our group for about 45 minutes about the "good ole days". A great time was had by all. Hey Chuck, GREAT IDEA!!!!

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    8 years 4 months ago
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