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Saturday, April 24, 2010
11:59 PM

Finally on Fotki - upload VIDEO to your albums!   

Great news today! We know a lot of you waited for this service for a very long time and finally we did it. Now Fotki offers video hosting service to all its members at unbeatable price (as always).

Please check our HELP article about video uploading. It is EASY.

Do things that other video sites will NOT let you do!

  1. You can organize and archive videos into albums and folders (no video sites offer that).
  2. There are no text and video ads in the videos, or around them.
  3. You can store videos mixed with photos in albums like "My wedding" or "Jim's birthday. It's easy to store and share your media files from the same even this way. One link to your videos and photos.
  4. Organizing, tagging, archiving your videos and photos in one place.
  5. PLUS! You can actually monetize your video content by keeping it in a password-protected album and selling access to it for money!

All this for absolutely unbeatable price of 8 cents per Gigabyte of storage per month and 8 cents per Gigabyte of traffic. Activate here, and start with depositing just $10, that should last you a long-long time.

Frequently Asked Questions: Video Hosting.

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