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What is an online journal?

Your online journal (also called weblog or blog) is a dated sequence of entries. Creating and updating your journal online is easy; you can publish your entry anytime you feel like it. Unlike a written diary, an online journal can include links to the websites you like, photos and graphics. You can also make your entries public or private.

Why keep a journal?

The concept of weblogging is not at all new. People have always had something to say and, with the availability of the Internet, weblogging became very popular. You can share your news with people or make your journal a sacred place to keep your secrets. You can collect the stuff you like from all over the world or express your creativity by writing your own stories or poetry. You can dedicate your journal to serious studies or just have fun. The whole world is on the palm of your hand, the possibilities to use your online journal are virtually endless.

You can allow whoever you wish to comment your journal or to even make their own entries. What privacy level you choose is up to you. Your journal can even serve as a reminder to your family members ("don't forget to buy potatoes").

Your online Fotki journal is as good as your own website and in combination with your Fotki albums is probably even better. And it's free for our valued Premium members. Start one now and see for yourself!

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