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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fotki celebrates 16 years anniversary!    

Dear fotki members!
This September we celebrate 16 years anniversary! Thank you for being with us for so many years. You inspire us to work hard and to make Fotki more and more interesting.
We've decided that the best way to celebrate this event is to roll out huge discounts for you. So don't lose your chance to take advantage of these offers!

Membership discount
A super cool Fotki membership sale starting at just $1.27 per month!

10-years - $1.27 per month ($152)
5-years - $1.35 per month ($80.75)
3-years - $1.42 per month ($51)
2-years - $1.56 per month ($37.40)
1-year - $1.70 per month ($20.40)

And we have many other membership options to choose from!

Photoprints discount

8"x10" - old price $1.99; new price $0.99
11"x14" - old price $6.99; new price $3.49
12"x18" - old price $9.99; new price $4.99
16"x20" - old price $12.99; new price $5.99
20"x30" - old price $17.99; new price $11.99
24"x36" - old price $19.99; new price $14.99
30"x40" - old price $24.99; new price $19.99

Click here to print it!

Photo products sale - up to 20% off! Check it here!

We also have some recent changes and updates for you:

1) We finally were able to make drag and drop upload to work with IE11, sorry it took us so long.

2) While we were busy with drag and drop uploader, we added support for uploading videos, so now you can easily download your videos in your account.

3) We also worked hard to increase the speed of the page opening, now pages open several times faster!

4) We worked on some issues with Java certificate, now Java works on more platforms and browsers.

5) We still working on fighting with spam. We have identified many IP addresses which spammers used to target their attacks, and we blocked their IPs entirely. Also, as part of spam protection, we disabled album invites for free users. Nevertheless keep reporting spam to us!

Keep uploading your summer pics and conveniently share them with your friends on Fotki, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.

The offer is valid until October 25th.
Hurry up and indulge yourself with this hot offer!

Kindly, your Fotki team