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Monday, July 4, 2011
10:04 AM

Tips&Tricks. Public Home vs Private Home.   

Greetings Fotkins,

Today we will talk about the difference of Public Home and Private Home folders.

As you may know Fotki offers more privacy features than any other photo web site. Private Home is one of them. But let's start at the very beginning!

Public Home

This folder is your general sharing folder on Fotki. All albums and folders uploaded here will be visible to your visitors (unless you password protect or hide them using other privacy tools).

Private Home

This folder is for your very private photos. Private Home is invisible to your visitors, search engines and so on. Only account owner can see it after login.

However if you wish to share this folder, you can adjust its "Sharing settings". Go to any folder under "Private Home" and click on "Sharing" link in the menu on your left. Authorize another Fotki member by choosing his/her user name from the list of your Fotki friends and "Save" changes.

After this change, your authorized friend will be able to see shared content on your account, under new "Shared Home" folder.

This new folder will be visible only to him/her, so you won't notice any difference, except now all your shared folders will get a "hand" icon.

Don't miss our next Tips&Trips article next Monday.

Experiment and have fun!

Always Yours,
Fotki Team.