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Thursday, December 27, 2018
7:16 PM

What’s The Prime Reasons Behind People Smoking Cannabis?   

This is a vital question that is frequently asked – why do people prefer smoking cannabis?

Marijuana, worldwide, happens to be a commonly used street drug. A survey conducted in the year 2007 found that 14.4 million people alone in the US had smoked cannabis at least once in the last 30 days period.

There are several different reasons why people opt for drugs and we certainly do not have answers to all of them. On the other hand, there are some vital psychological reasons as to why people start and continue smoking cannabis.

  • Psychological Reasons

There are some psychological reasons for taking drugs that make people make the purchases, visit different platforms or opt for a momentary or impulsive course of action at any particular time.

As dopamine transmitters make up just 1 percent of the brain they ‘are wired’ in the most crucial parts.

Dopamine is generally linked to the ‘reward system’ that provides feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement that actually motivates an individual to perform certain activities. The component is released in the brain and rewards experienced such as sex, food, and drug.

The functionality the dopamine transmitters provide is not completely understood but it could explain several ‘urges’ that appear in the human behavior. People do naturally get attracted to any activity that offers with a viable reward. It does explain why people prefer taking drugs for a quick reward whereas a long-term effect is completely understood.

  • To Fit In The Peer Pressure

One of the greatest psychological aspects that explain the behavior is called by a variety of expressions like ‘monkey see, monkey do’, ‘social proof’ and ‘peer pressure’. This approach can be further explained as mimicking or copying the behaviors that we generally see around us.

For several reasons, we are conditioned to do as others around us are doing. So, if there are many people around you smoking cannabis, they are very likely to follow the suit.

This pressure to fit in is quite empowering among youngsters. Nevertheless, taking drugs merely to fit in is not the entire image and should never be taken that way. However, it perhaps be a contributing aspect.

  • Following A Role Model

One other reason why people opt for cannabis is related to the prior aspect of copying behaviors to fit in. People naturally try following the behaviors of individuals that are held in esteem by a peer group. So mimicking the drug abuse habits of celebrities can be rightly explained in this way.

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