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Thursday, March 14, 2019
3:15 PM

Save Your Bad Teeth By Getting The Best Dental Filling Fairfield   

Tooth restoration or dental filling is a technique by which dentists restore the missing tooth or even missing parts of your tooth structure. Dentists do it in such an amazing way that the functioning, integrity, and morphology of the tooth structure stay intact. This process requires different types of dental restorative materials. A missing tooth structure is generally backed by dental implants can also be restored with the help of dental fillings.

The Requirement For Tooth Restoration

Dental cavities or caries that occur due to decay are one of the prime reasons for the structural tooth loss. A part or the entire tooth could be missing as a result of an external trauma such as a tooth fracture or accident. A previously placed restoration may have deteriorated creating the need to for re-restoration. Intentional loss of the tooth structure may occur when the dentist prepares the tooth for any aesthetic improvements.

Restoring The Tooth Directly Or Indirectly

Direct restoration is all about keeping a prepared soft filling into the tooth. The dental filling sets and becomes hard while it comes in contact with the tooth. This procedure does not damage the tooth as it passes very limited energy on to the tooth during the dental filling process.

Professionals recommended this tooth restoration technique in areas that are most likely to undergo heavy pressure while chewing. A single visit to dental filling Fairfield can get it done. On the other hand, indirect dental restorations are about using tooth impressions of the prepared tooth to fabricate tooth restoration externally. Bridges, crowns, inlays and even onlays are some of the most common indirect restorations. These, then get fixed permanently using dental cement. This procedure requires you to have a minimum of two visits to your dentist.

Different Types Of Tooth Restoration

There are several different techniques used for teeth restoration and the most common of all is the filling restoration, which is done using materials like silver amalgam, tooth-colored plastic, glass or gold materials. The crowns are capped to a tooth so that its size, shape, strength, and appearance stay intact. Crowns hold a dental bridge or cover a dental implant in place. When one or even more missing teeth create gaps, false teeth, called as bridges help fill in space. When tooth roots require replacement, dentists opt for dental implants.

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