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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
11:48 PM

Affordable Ways to Make Your Hotel Rooms Look Great   

If you own a hotel you want it to be comfortable for your guests because they like the luxury and the comfort that your hotel provides for them. Today's hotel guest is looking for a great looking hotel room for their stay. When you have excellent rooms, you're going to get more bookings but you may have concerns about the expense or renovation costs you might have to do to your hotel rooms to change the look of them. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can go about this without spending a whole lot of money. Here are five main ways to make your hotel rooms look great so you get more bookings and your guests are kept as comfortable as possible.

Change the Linens

Many hotel rooms have poor quality linens that don't look very good or they are very old style or tacky-looking. You can change up these linens to make your rooms come to life. One of the first things a traveler is going to see when they go into their hotel room is what is on the bed. you want to impress them with new linens that look great. For example, you might change the bedding and use a duvet. A neutral tone is going to look great on the bed and white linens are easy to clean. These colors will brighten up the room and make everything come to life. You want to use textiles that make use of natural fibers like down feather or cotton and avoid synthetics.

Another tip to help your guests stay comfortable and well rested is to use heavier (weighted) blankets. The best weighted blanket has been proven to help people get a better night's sleep. In fact, this change alone may lead to a greater amount of positive feedback.       

Use Neutral Tones for Paint

One of the simplest changes you can make to your hotel room is to add some new paint. You want to change the dated wallpaper patterns and remove old style paint. Just going to give the room I needed facelift without spending a whole lot of money. You should try using natural neutral, or pale pastel type tones as these will look great on the walls. 

Your guests are going to love the new paint that is in the room because it will give the look of being something that is expensive when in reality, it's not that expensive to change the look of a room by repainting it. There are many sites online that you can check out which will show you how to paint a room professionally if you don't know how to do it yourself. You really don't need a whole lot of experience to make the room look great.

Remove Old Pictures

Many pictures on hotel room walls are quite old or dated. They probably have no relevance to the design of the hotel room and they are usually eyesores. you should remove old pictures on the wall and try something more useful. For example, you might use some vintage pieces or some photographs that depict the area where the hotel room is in. this will help the guest feel comfortable in the room. It’s easy to take an image around the surrounding area and turn this into a picture. You could have somebody painted picture and then display this in the hotel room

Many locations you might be able to acquire some paintings on loan from your local gallery. the gallery will probably want some promotion in your hotel room in exchange for using their pictures. To save money, you may have someone that works at your hotel that is an excellent photographer. You might be able to acquire some photographs from a garage sale or a flea market that would look great on your wall. The main idea is to add something that is unique to the walls so that the pictures stand out and make the guest feel at ease when they stay at your hotel.

Acquire Some Modern Chairs That Are Comfortable

Many older hotel rooms have chairs that are not that comfortable. They might be just a simple vinyl chair that it's been there forever. You can add more style as well as comfort to the room by adding new chairs and seating to the hotel room. Your guest is going to want to relax once they get back from a busy day. You need a couple of comfortable chairs in the room so they have a place to sit. You should try to have a chair that is modern looking and you should make use of a natural fiber. when you select a chair based upon the comfort and the contour of the chair. You want to share that is going to be attractive but also comfortable for your guests.     

Try to have the new seeding match the colors in the room. you can often find great offers and seasonal deals at your local home furniture outlet which can help you save money. You should test individual pieces to see how they look in the room and if everything goes according to plan, you can buy more of them to outfit of the rooms of the hotel. If you buy your furniture items in bulk, you're going to save a significant amount of money.                                                                                      

The Layout of The Room

Many hotel rooms have a simple layout that is dated and doesn't really offer a lot of comfort. You want to catch the attention of the traveler by creating a nice layout for them when they get into the room. You want the room to be unique and inviting for the guests as they're going to want to come back and stay. rearranging the room is going to be free so you can try different layouts to get the look that you want.

You should ensure that not all of the furniture is against all. you want the room to look like a suite. You should ensure that the room has a desk and a chair so that the guests can sit down and do some writing. they should have easy access to USB ports as well as outlets for chargers for their phones and other electronic equipment. You might consider having a small coffee table and a couple of chairs if they fit in the room. If the room has a small refrigerator it should be in an easy-to-access location such as next to the coffee maker or microwave. You can provide storage for the guests by placing a dresser underneath the television. Experiment with the layout of the room until you find something that you like.

Change Your Hotel Rooms Now

These ideas will help you save a lot of money when changing up your hotel rooms. You don't have to spend as much as you think to get a better look to your hotel. Start with something reasonable and build from there. You may find that just a couple of small changes can make a world of difference to your hotel rooms. Take pictures of your new look and post these on your website so your guests can see what the rooms look like. You will attract more guests and have people coming back time and time again by making simple changes to your hotel rooms which will make a world of difference.

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